Ponzi Site Launch Was a Massive Hit – But With a few Glitches is the latest Ponzi peer-to-peer donation website that launched with great fanfare and promotion yesterday 13 March 2017.

Unfortunately, what seemed to have been a smooth launch with lots of people getting paid ended up being marred by a few hitches which eventually led to many people not being paid on time and still on the queue at the end of the day.

Although more than half of the people who registered did get paid, many more are still on the queue due to a system error that cause some accounts to be matched repeatedly leading to inability of the admins to resolve issues and enable payments on time.

Because of this occurence, many people who had the original intention to join started changing their mind and gradually the queue of unpaid people started to build up and complaints mounted.

While to some people it seemed like a deliberate ploy by the owners of the website to commit scam and abscond with members money, what really happened was that the site owners were caught unawares by the huge influx of members that they found themselves having to handle and they had been underprepared.

Having spoken with the admins of the website, there is assurance that this issue however is being corrected so that donations can continue normally and people can get matched and be paid quickly.

According to the owners of the website, despite the fact that the software seems similar to many others that have crashed, their intention is to keep it going for many months so that lots of people can benefit from the system.

They have tendered their unreserved apologies for the challenges faced on their day of launch and are working hard to treat complaints and fix all issues.

For those that know how well the website was publicised, it should be an indication that these guys are serious and are committed to making the platform work. But they will not be able to do it alone without the help of everyone of us.

A Ponzi site is only as good as the owners of the website. If they are sincere and not greedy, the site will last but if they are greedy, the website will crash.

So far looks sincere, only that they were unprepared for the massive crowd on the day of launch and they have admitted that they were quite unprepared to handle it.

But now that the initial rush has subsided, they have learnt a lot and are now at this very moment fixing the issues that came up yesterday so that people can keep getting paid.

Right now they are busy responding to complaints and unanswered tickets, after which they plan to put up a live support system for assistance and complaints encountered.

At this time there seems to be every indication that is not just another hit and run website. These guys are obviously serious about keeping the platform going and they deserve another chance.

Once again, the admins expressed their deepest regrets and apologies for the challenges faced yesterday but the system is being stabilized and payments are continuing steadily so please let us support this platform because Rome was not built in a day.

The truth is, if everybody gives up on the site will die. But let us give them the benefit of the doubt and stop with the negative comments so that they can have the opportunity to correct the problems they encountered on the first day and so that they can keep paying people who are joining.

So keep spreading the word about and let us hope for the best. Any new updates and you will be informed. You can also join their telegram channel to get updates from them at

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Join our TELEGRAM channel for daily updates:

Are you On Twitter? Follow @naijaparrot1 for news and job updates. For jobs updates only, follow @naijajobfinder

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