19 Fading and Outdated Nollywood Stars who are no Longer Relevant in The Industry

The Nigerian movie industry has witnessed the emergence of several good actors and actresses, who have ruled the screen over the years. However, some of these stars seem to have faded away or simply gone into oblivion as they are no longer active on the screen due to one reason or the other. Naijaparrot brings to you some of these outdated Nollywood stars.

 SUZAN PATRICK- Suzan came into prominence with her role as a snake girl in ‘Sakobi, The Snake Girl’. Her movie career started dwindling when she married a high ranking police man. After the demise of the man, Suzan is yet to find her feet in the industry that brought her fame as she has since gone into obscurity.

 CHIEGE ALISIGWE- Tall and pretty Chiege who had a very brief marriage with her police beau came into limelight after starring alongside Ramsey Nuoah in the blockbuster movie ‘My Love’. Chiege has not appeared in movies for more than six years now.

 CHARLES OKAFOR- Charles ruled the screen in the 1990’s. For over seven years now, the Theartre Arts graduate has been inactive and seems to have faded away.

 NKIRU SYLVANUS- Nkiru came into limelight with her emotional role in ‘A Cry for Help’, after which she became the most sought after actress as at that time. But for several years now, she has been inactive maybe because of her romance with politics.

 SAINT OBI-The Nollywood hunk has been away for quite a long time. He wanted to revive his dying career with his movie ‘True Colors’, but nothing has been heard of him.

 OBOT ETUK- Obot has simply gone into oblivion as she hasnt appeared in any movie for a decade now.

 TONY UMEZ- This Anambra state born actor has not been active in home videos for a good number of years now.

 ANNE NJEMANZE- Ann came into limelight with Rattle Snake and Domittila in the 1990s. She is yet to find her feet in Nollywood several years after her near fatal accident in Calabar.

UCHE AMA ABRIEL- Uche’s role in Broken Chord is still vivid in my mind. I know her more as Uche Obi Osotule than her maiden name. But, this talented actress has completely gone into oblivion after her marriage to Obi Osotule crashed.

 LIZ BENSON- This talented damsel was the most sought after actress in the 1990s. She reduced her appearances in movies after she was ordained as an Evangelist; and completely stopped acting after she remarried. The new generation movie buffs might be oblivious of her exploits in Nollywood years ago.

 FRANCA BROWN- I recall clearly her wicked role in ‘Jezebel’. This actress has gone into obscurity.

 ALEX LOPEZ- Alex is a half-caste and a single mother of one. She has been inactive in movies for a decade now.

 PETE EDOCHIE- Am sure some will quarell with me for enlisting Pete in this article; but the fact is that Pete seems to have gone into oblivion as Olu Jacobs seems to be playing the roles he normally played.

 REGINA ASKIA,  VICTORIA INYAMA,  RITA NZELU,  SANDRA ACHUMS, GEORGINEA ONUOHA, DOLLY UNACHUKWU- What these actresses have in common is that they got married and relocated abroad and as such cannot be active as they used to be when they ruled the screen in Nigeria.

Edward Ifegwu

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