A Man Who Once Duped me is Now a Senator- Pat Utomi

Prof Pat Utomi

Pat Utomi, one of Nigeria’s prominent political economists and a former presidential aspirant, offered an anecdote that unwittingly supported a widely reported statement by erstwhile President Olusegu Obasanjo that Nigeria’s National Assembly is filled with rogues.
Addressing a group of christian youths in Lagos at an event themed ”The Building Blocks of Effective Leadership”, on Saturday 26th May, Prof. Utomi touched on dysfunctions he had witnessed in the Nigerian system and x-rayed the difficulties of changing the system. His topic, ”Towards Creating a Network of Corruption- Intolerant Youth Leaders”, presented a comparative analyses of Nigeria. Once regarded as a powerful and emerging nation, and Indonesia, a nation that was once written off in the past.
Prof. Utomi during his speech said, ” A man who had 419’ed (duped) me in the past is now in the Senate. And I called the attention of a senior senator who is from the same state with the dupe, and who also knew about my dupe story with the man before, that this man is a thief and he was aware. The senior senator wanted me to keep quiet, and he said that is the problem with me, and that after all, seventy percent of government people are 419’s”.

Edward Ifegwu.

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