Another Democracy Day

Photo Of President Goodluck Jonathan

Its another 29th may, another “democracy” day. Certainly, Nigerias democracy has been one hell of a system of governance full of imbroglio and glaring improbity in high places. Our democracy seem not to be working for us because our leaders so far has shown lack of impulse to drive the country aright. The return to civil governance this day in 1999 brought great hopes for the people, but unfortunatly, the hope is fading consequent upon politico-economic down turn. Democracy has opened up the political space and enhanced peoples participation in politics but at the same time,people now know more and are free to question the actions of government. Absence of good governance has resulted in wide spread poverty prompting people to take up arms and been in open rebellion against the state. Mutual suspicion and confidence crisis are taking firm root by the day. Given the smooth political succession experienced so far and the widely acclaimed free and fair 2011 elections, Nigeria is sailing. However, more still need to be done to strenghen our electoral system, encourage the private sector to create employment and give the economy the necessary vigo. Again, such areas like the health,education,agriculture and other sectors that have direct impact on the common man should not be tinkerd with. Greater fit can be achieved if our leaders can play down on politics, unit and consiously work for a greater Nigeria. Else, our democracy will turn to ashes in our mouth.



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