As Jonathan Becomes Perm. Sec

   Gov. Seriake Dickson, and perhapes, Bayelsa top government officials will know better as to why, but the truth is that Dame Patience Jonathan is now one of the 17 newly appointed Permanent Secretaries in Bayelsa State. She obviously will double as the first lady of the country by virture of her husbands position and a Perm. Sec by virture of been appointed into that position. The extent to which appointment into Perm. Sec position has been politicized and bastardized, particularly in states is an issue for another day. Your guess is right however. Meanwhile, there has been an outcry across different quaters as to the rational behind the appoinment. Observation of due process is also an issue. Granted that a career first lady can be appointed into another position, like that of Justice Mary Odili, the appointment of Dame Jonathan as a Perm. Sec seems to leave much to be desired. Again,in this regard, your guess is definitly right.


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