Atiku Abubakar’s Fresh Posters Spotted In FCT (Photos)

Someone once said and I see now; that Atiku is a very desperate man. This statement was long before elections, and this is someone who once worked closely with him, so he knows. The problem with a desperate man is that he doesn’t mind the sky falling,even if he knows it will fall on all including himself and his followers.

How else do you explain these posters adorning FCT except that he is intentional in his bid to disrupt the peace of the country? If I can’t govern Nigeria, then it must become ungovernable right?

Post election posters saying of Atiku, “the real and the right”. The real what? The real loser it must be, cause it can’t be saying the real President. The right? The right man to help waste his money, definitely not the right man for the Villa. This is not only tasteless and tactless, it is knocking the door of treason.