Benin Residents Rejoice as Oshiomole is Declared Winner

 Despite morning rains, Benin City residents have taken to the streetsto celebrate the victory of incumbent Governor, Adams Oshiomole in Saturday’s Election.

Photo Of Jubilations in Benin City

The governor, candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) won by a landslide victory, getting well over 75% of the votes. Residents of the state capital besieged streets after he was declared winner by the returning officer, Prof. Osayukie Oshiodon, VC of the University of Benin. Even at church services today, worshippers were seen thanking God for the peace that greeted the election of yesterday, and were also jubilating and praising God for giving the Comrade Governor victory. Some residents interviewed said it goes to show how much the people wanted the Governor to continue with his good works, they said the time when their votes did not count were over and that they have taken their destiny in their own hands by making sure the Comrade Governor was returned to Office.

Osaro Abraham Agho

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