Between Strength, Ego And Mind: The Great Challenge (An Interesting Story)

A mighty warrior and wrestler once ruled as a great kingdoms champion in ancient times. No man who challenged him barely came out of a physical duel with this man: if such ever did, they died within no more than two days by bruises from the brutal bantering received in the course of the duel.

One fateful day, a strange man appeared in the kingdom who had travelled from a far clime.This stranger started by deafeating all the people who challenged him in the nearby kingdoms and ending their lives in the course of the duel.

Soon word got to the great kingdoms’ mighty champion that a strange man has dared to tread upon his territory of power since he was known and acclaimed as the unbeaten in those parts.

By the day, the exploits of this stranger became popular and famous, and ironically no one had actually told the stranger about the great kingdoms mighty champion so far, thus he naturally assumed himself as the mightiest of all warriors and wrestlers in the new land he came upon.

Not long after anyways, the stranger got to learn of the kingdoms champion and wasted no time in challenging him to a duel. The challenge was not unanticipated by the great warrior who felt that he had simply been pre empted.

The king of that kingdom summoned the mighty warrior and earnestly inquired of him if he was certain he could defeat this strange challenger who also had a reputation of eliminating his opponennts in a duel, and on the spot too.

The great warrior gave a mirthful roar of a laughter in reaction to the kings worries and reasoned that the poor old king was afraid that this stranger may take over his throne after killing him and he would not be there to defend him as he usually does.

“I will brrreak him, I will squeeeze him and twissstt him and make him beg before I killlll him..”

With this brave assurance from the warrior, the king promised to give him any of the many fair maidens of the kingdom as a second wife because he was already married to a wife he earned earlier as a reward after one of his many exploits tn the past.

As the great warrior left the king on his way home he began to ponder on the reputation of his strange contender. It dawned on him that in that duel either one or both of them was going to die and momentarily he was scared of the imminence of death for the first time in his life.

You see, his previous opponents did not measure up to his unique reputation of grieviously maiming and killing his’challengers’ especially, and rarely sparing those he ‘challenged’.

He knew he had to safeguard his status by challenging the stranger and risk dying in the duel…yet deep down he was afraid of dying.At that point he realized his mortalityfor the first time in his life.

Meanwhile the strange contender had developed a friendship with the king of a rival kingdom who encouraged him with the idea of fighting the great warrior and hopefully killing him.

So doing, they could invade and topple the kingdom, and the stranger will be made the new ultimate champion by the time the kingdom becomes a vassal under the rule of this cunny and treacherous king.

The stranger was taken by this idea and boisterously bawled in sarcasm; “..that pppuuny maaann…? I will ccrrrrusshhh him ,scrrrrrew him and make him cry before I kkkiillll him…”

This pleased the teacherous king and when the stranger left his presence he too began to ponder that in that great duel ahead even if he suceeded in killing his opponent he was not sure if he would indeed survive the next two days after the duel according to the reputation of the great warrior wrestler.His own immortality occured to himl

That night both contenders went home pondering deeply over the impeding engagement. As for the stranger, he intended riding down to his opponents house the next day to officially and openly challenge the great warrior. out of honour Since he was the one who sought confrontation to proove his ingenuity as the mightiest warrior wrestler ever. He resolved to do all this for the reason of self dignity.

The next day he mounted his horse indeed and galloped down to the warriors house. The strange challenger met the wife of the warrior pounding yam in a mortar with a pestle beside the thatched hut of an abode.

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“Good morning strange sir,” greeted the woman “is there any thing you seek?”

‘Yyyyeeessss… I indeed seek one known as the mighty you know him..?”

“Yes strange sir, he is my husband.”

“I have come to challenge him to a duel…where is he now..?”

“He is not awake yet or do you rather I wake him up?”

“Very well indeed, awaken him for I am curious to find out if I am in a cowards house…” Saying this he gave a great guffaw.

The young woman with her baby already whimpering behind her back stopped pounding and taking the pestle with her, quietly entered the hut. Not long after,the strange challenger began to hear heavy battering sounds from within the hut.

It sounded as if something hard was being hit against another very hard thing slowly at first,then rapidly, also a baby was crying.

Out of curiousity the stranger dismounted from his horse to peep into the hut.

What he beheld astonished and awed him: He saw the young woman, baby bawling noisily behind her back, swearing angrily as she repeatedly hit the head of the pestle directly on her husbands head, the mighty warrior, in a bid to wake him up.

A few moments later, the young woman emerged from the hut breathing heavily and saw the strange challenger in front of her.

“what was that noise I heard…it was quite loud..” The stranger inquired anxiously.

“Ohhh that, strange sir..?” asked the woman in unpretended modesty.”That is how I wake him up every morning after the cock must have crowed.” Replied the woman who seemed to be more attentive to the crying baby behind her back and non plussed as to her actions and his querries…”

He is awake now sir and he approaches”. She informed the stranger indiferently, sounding more like a warning rather than an information, pestle still clutched tightly in her hand.

The stranger, suddenly gripped with unusual dread at this sight hastily retreated and in quite an unnatural show of strenghth borne by mortal fear grabbed his horse, tucked it under his left arm and sprinted off.

He practically raised dust in the wake of his flight because it was around the harmattan season.

Meanwhile the warrior had finally been awakened by sufficient bashings to the head, although reluctantly.When he was informed of the strangers presence by his wife, he sprung up to meet him.

As he stepped out of his hut he came upon the dust raised by the strangers flight and had to screen and strain his eyes before he saw the stranger from afar actually running with his horse tucked under his left arm.

The stranger inquired of his wife if the fleeing man was his visitor and she affirmed, a little disturbed and surprised at her otherwise brave husbands’ expression of awe if not dread.

“..The gods take the glory for saving my life today…” The great warrior exclaimed raising both his muscular arms to heaven.

“What do you mean my husband…?” Asked the wife.

“Cant you see?” cried the warrior “…a man that can carry a horse under his arm can kill me…if he succeeds in lifting me up and dropping me, I’m as good as dead…ooh the gods and our ancestors I thank you oohh…”

“We thank the gods oo for my husband..” Echoed the wife who appeared to be immediately better educated about the actual status of her ‘mighty’ husbands mortality.

The stranger had already run past the kingdom of the cunny chief when he decided to rest and drop the beast under his left arm.

Sitting under a cactus plant in the desert land that bordered his clime and this foreign land, he too supplicated to his gods for sparing his life.

“..{pant} ancestors I thank you for saving me today…how could I have survived a mans blows who is awakened by hitting a pounding pestle on his head.. Heeyyy…my gods I thank you {pant..pant}..”

Well, the stranger was never seen or heard of again in that land and although the mighty warrior still reigned as the mightiest fighter in that great kingdom he knew deep down in his heart that somewhere out there ,there is somebody mightier than him.

This one was also capable of ending and terminating his life, a thought he lived with for the rest of his life, which before now was something he never thought was possible.

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