Characters In History: What Became Of SS Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller after World War 2? ( Part 2)

It has been suggested in wide circles that Heinrich Muller was either killed or he committed suicide during the fall of Berlin.

Although his body was never discovered, other quarters of opinion has insinuated and believed that ‘GESTAPO Muller’ had managed to have escaped from Berlin and possibly made his way to South America, where it is probable he lived the rest of his natural life under a different identity.

It was also suspected that Mr.Muller was recruited by either the united states government or the Soviet unions’ after the war, and worked for either of them them during the cold war era. but this suspicion had neither been substantiated nor confirmed by any known authority till date.

In the United states,the freedom of information act of 2001, gave room for the declassification of all classified information before then. By way of this act therefore the scarce datas on Muller over the years was accessed, especially those kept by the CIA.

After the war and up till 1947, the Americans and Israelis were still searching for Muller.

This cursory search led them to the home of his one time mistress Anna Schmid, where nothing suggested that Heinrich Muller was alive.

The Russians unrelentless campaign against war time Nazi offenders abated after 1947 only to be ressurected again by the testimony of one infamous Nazi war offender, Adolph Eichmann, in 1960.

The Holocaust trial which was fully on course in the sixties, saw Eichmann captured and arraigned before it. During interrogations after he was captured under a new identity, Eichmann had inferred that Muller may have still been alive then.

In Panama city in 1967, one Francis Willard Keith was accused of being Muller. Although he was identified and profiled with the photos of Muller,which bore striking resemblance, his biometric datas contradicted this accusation on the person of Mr. Willard Smith.

In 2008, the German historian Peter Longerich, published a biography of Heinrich Himmler. His book asserted that Muller was left with Himmler at Flensbourg on May 11th of 1945 along with other top SS officials as they attempted unsuccessfully to escape from Germany.

Longerich states that both men finally parted ways at Meinstadt, after which Muller was never seen again. These claims contradicted previous accounts and Longerichs source seemed obviously to be from the interrogation transcript of one of Himmlers aide, Werner Gothman by the Russians in which Mullers name recurred.

The Americans had all the while strongly suspected that Muller was still alive and been kept or hidden by the Soviet government, however the decimation of the Soviet union in 1991 gave access to Soviet secret pre and post war files hitherto unkown, where indications of Mullers existence was discovered.

By the 1990s therefore, it was concluded that it was increasingly unlikely for Muller, born in the 1900s to still be alive. More information about Mullers fate might still emerge from other unreleased secret files of the former Soviet government.

The CIA file by itself does not permit definitive conclusions. “…taking into account the currently available records…this report concluded that Muller most likely died in Berlin in early May of 1945”. States the U.S national archives commentary.

Be that as it may,the controversial personality of this character in review remains a mystery.

There have been fictional presentations cum literary reproductions, suggestions and assertions as to the actual fate of this person of interest, whose brutal antecedence placed his tragic-history as one of the most adventurous and thought provoking episodes of the time.

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