With the amount of wealth in the possession of Arthur Eze which he readily throws around against the people of Abba community in his bid to intimidate the people using the Nigerian Police and obtaining the tainted court judgment from the Justice Onyinye Anumonye High Court in Neni, it appears that those he has contracted to discredit and misinform the public about the true ownership of the Agu-Abba land are not only misfits but are also poorly schooled in history and sound grammatical mechanical efficiency.

It is laughable that Barr C. C. Ozumba, who claimed to have studied law and has been into practice for years now will embark on a paid mission of malicious misinformation and a display of absolute poor knowledge of history. I will recommend that he visits the Anambra State archive when next he wants to embark on such an inglorious mission of re-writing the history of a people who are still living and have abundance of sound minds in intellect and wisdom to write their own history better.

I will also want to school Barr C. C. Ozumba that the history of man in the olden days was saddled with migration from one location to the other, which simple means that no man or people can claim originality of any location or land outside migration.

Herein, I want to point out the mischievous and misinformed narrative created by Barr C. C. Ozumba in the audio visual message he has sent out as the history of Abba.

He noted that the people of Abba were war machineries who were hired to fight in wars, and in the cause of one of such wars, they were conquered, captured and taken into captive by the Dunukofia brothers. My question is this, who hired Abba to embark in this war with the Dunukofia brothers that led to their being defeated and captured by the supposed Dunukofia brothers?

Where did Abba migrate from before embarking in this war with the Dunukofia brothers?

He also opined that Ukpo spared the life of Abba, their own booty in the war and gave them their present place of settlement named Abba. How come none of the Dunukofia brothers raised an eyebrow having known that these people are war machineries that can endanger them in future?

He unwittingly alleged that the first father of Abba land who he said goes by the name “Ichinambubor” married from Abagana and gave birth to a son named ‘Abba-Mulu, whose son was named Abba, which is the present name adopted by the people of Abba community. Is C. C. Ozumba also aware that Abagana is the child of Abba? Or the supposed marriage of ‘Ichinambubor’ was a figment of his own imagination, which he had concocted to give credence to his falsehood?

Is Ozumba also aware of the name ‘Ukpo-Akpu’ which was their initial name before the people of Abagana generously gave them the parcel of land from ‘Orofia’ after their alliance with the people of Abagana in the communal fight with the supposed united Dunukofia brothers? It appears C. C. Ozumba is ignorant of this history or he decided to embark on a mission of falsehood.

Is Ozumba also aware that Abagana is still regretting giving their piece of land to the people of Ukpo after Arthur Eze forcefully, through the aid of the Nigerian Police, took a great part of their ancestral land and annexed it into Ukpo? Same mission he has presently embarked on in Abba.

How can Ozumba in his right sense of mind and consciousness accuse the people of Abba of being greedy and working to annex their land when they only became a party in the land disputed between Abba and Ukwulu only in 1985, having acted as witness in favour of Ukwulu against Abba when the case was on for many years.

I guise Ozumba needs to listen and watch the video clip of Arthur Eze in the speech he made on 21st December, 2019 during the Igwe Ukpo Ofala festival, where he boldly said that Ukpo and Abba were brothers; the same people Ozumba is alleging to have been defeated and captured as slaves by Ukpo.

The interpretation of the Supreme Court judgment the people of Ukpo have been brandishing as victory banner can be interpreted even by a layman; one begins to wonder how it has become very hard for a trained lawyer like Ozumba to properly understand and interpret. A man who claims to be a lawyer. The only interpretation of the action of Ozumba and his boot-licking compatriots of Arthur Eze is that they have decided to deliberately misinterpret the Supreme Court Judgment wrongly so as to continue to sap-off huge funds from their paymaster, Arthur Eze.

The allegation that the people of Abba have been gearing for war is neither her nor their, when the people of Abba have neither attacked nor resisted all the provocations meted against them by the people of Ukpo and the Nigerian Police.

In less than one year, both the public and private properties belonging to the people of Abba have been destroyed by the people of Ukpo with no resistant moves from the people of Abba. The calmness of the people of Abba is presently unsettling Arthur Eze and his acolytes, who are scared of the supposed next action of the people of Abba.

The posture and picture presented by Ozumba of Ukpo as peace loving people, with lot of respect for the law and human life has been displayed in their destructive actions in Abba. I begin to wonder what their true definition of peace and law abiding may mean; if this is what is what Ozumba attributes as peaceful people, I am beginning to be lost in thought.

Posterity will tell if these lies and fabrications peddled by Ozumba will see the light of the day. I pray that someday, the conscience of Ozumba will judge him, if he still has any left inside of him.

The people of Abba will continue to pursue their course for justice and their true ownership of the Agu-Abba land through the court process and peaceful disposition.

Let out conscience be our guide

Azowue O. Emmanuel

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