Cultism Now Tearing Families Apart: Siblings Fighting Each Other

In Nigeria cultism borne out of confraternities is fast becoming the order of the day. But in the younger days of the Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka who started the first confraternity in Nigeria, he did not intend it nor envisage that it would go in this direction of violence and daily bloodshed and deaths.

The monster called cultism is growing worse with each passing day in Nigeria, eating deeper and deeper into the fabric of our society and threatening the cradle of our very existence: the family unit.

Recently in a street in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, residents woke up to find two teenage boys, siblings from the same family but in opposing cult groups, fighting with dangerous weapons and trying to injure each other due to a matter which  could have been amicably resolved.

The teenagers whose aged father and hypertensive mother were pleading that they should stop did not hear until the father was pushed down and then the mother fainted.

At this point one of the boys stopped momentarily and snatched a bucket from one of the people that came to fetch water nearby and poured it on his mother’s body. The fight automatically stopped.

Someone called the police to the street with the information that there were cultists fighting but other members of the street community out of benevolence and consideration for the frail parents pleaded on the boys behalf that it was a family quarrel.

The police made no arrests and this saved the day, meanwhile the boys’ mother that was rushed to the hospital after some hours was brought back okay and till this day we did not hear any noise again.

Probably what happened really jolted the boys to reality that they could have been locked up and treated as cultists and quite worse even lose their parents which could have meant a lot of implications and untold hardships for them and their families.

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