Fascinating Facts about Gaming: 5 Hoodwinking Tactics Video Games Use to Pin You Down

Typically, gaming may refer to the practice of gambling. Or the playing of games simulating actual conditions (as of business or war).

However, gaming is most popularly the playing of electronic games, whether through consoles, computers, mobile phones, on the internet or any other medium altogether.

The latter is the focus of this article on gaming.

Contemporary games have come to be rather enchanting thanks to the myriads of clever computer programs and superlative developers. Indeed, the so-called object-oriented programs have provided new meanings to games and cartoons such that they are now disarming and irresistible. Thus, today’s games are predominantly by-products of object-oriented programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, etc.

In contrast with ancient times, today’s technology has certainly driven boredom and lifestyle monotony away from mankind through enchanting games.

We have also seen how life itself provides various escape routes out of everyday drudgery. Thus, should you want to ‘escape from life’ for a while, there’s a wide range of options. Either that things slide from booze lifestyles to womanizing or smoking or soccer or, worse still, bodice-ripping novels. These and many more will help one’s escapist instincts.

Few, however, can match video games and the level of immersion they can add to your escape. It is indisputable that a video game can be addictive – even dangerously so – depending on the individual. It has also come to be known that this isn’t just about the individual gamer and their helplessness. Matter-of-factly, the game designers have everything to do with this phenomenon. Thus, this article helps us explore the five software stratagems developers employ to keep you playing.


The 5 Hoodwinking Tactics are:



The mantra ‘practice makes perfect’ has never been so exploited like in gaming. An obvious psychological trick employed in video games is to taste a sensual appeal that justifies an increased frequency of attempts following some basic rules. Thus, in a video game for example, there is a direct correlation between effort and reward. If you play long enough, you’ll gain the levels or master the techniques needed to complete most games, and hopefully have fun doing it.


This employs the power of suspense. Such that, in the heat of the gaming moment, gamers love feeling like they’re getting ahead. We know that this feeling is so powerful (as it is so rare in the real world) that game designers include progression elements in almost every game, regardless of genre.


Reward Schedules

As though progression through levels and the new abilities that come with it are not enough as parts of a video game’s overall reward schedule, game designers make the grinding more palatable by interjecting rewards that are independent of progression. Such rewards include items like virtual currency, trophies and freebies like extra lives, power ups, ammo etc.



Gamers’ experiences in most computer games are generally immersive. This means that game designers endeavor to add 3D cinema effects in video games. This is just to create a complete environment using audio and visuals in such a way that keeps that environment consistent. For example, the hardware behind games has evolved to the point where clouds drift lazily across the sky in the same direction as a gentle breeze. The same breeze pushes ambient grasses using a soundtrack that provides the sound of a wind that rises and falls to match the motion.



Here gamers are made to savor breath-taking experiences that create an illusion of escaping from reality. Whereby some video games tend to focus less on the blades of grass and more on screen-filling explosions that result in super combos and awe-inspiring special effects.



Different strokes for different blokes! Perhaps, it might be debatable to call these design techniques tricks. However, for the most part, it is a consensus that game designers employ them to make games more enjoyable for gamers. Nevertheless, being more enjoyable comes with irresistible habits which ultimately impact the bottom lines for game developers.

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