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Whereas most people believe that all online pokies australia casino games are based only on luck, there are some seasoned players who have built a living off of gambling. These gambling specialists believe that winning in land-based or online gambling necessitates a significant amount of gaming knowledge and experience.

Billy Benter

Bill Benter is a math genius who studied physics as an undergraduate and then opted to use his skills to card counting at blackjack tables after earning his degree. In reality, with the assistance of Edward Thorp’s book, he has enhanced his tactics. Benter was blacklisted mostly from Las Vegas online casinos Australia following seven years of knocking the house down, and he relocated to Hong Kong.

He developed a technique with Alan Woods while living in Asia that later helped gamblers anticipate the result of horse races. He was also instrumental in the development of the world’s original software-assisted gaming business, which is now regarded as among the most profitable. Bill Benter is said to earn $100 million each year, with single racing days bringing in $5-$10 million.

Andrew Black

A British businessman Andrew Black is a competitive bridge player and a racehorse owner. Betfair, the world’s first and largest betting exchange, was co-founded by him. Black worked in the commodities industry when he was younger. Later on, he became exceptionally productive as a gambler, finally making good money in wins to quit his job and devote himself to betting full-time for a spell.

He decided to start a software company because gambling didn’t give him enough financial help. He used to play bridge with Wray sometimes and would exhibit a model he had created, which drew Wray’s attention and resulted in Wray’s interest and funding. Betfair was founded by the two of them in the year 2000. Betfair was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2010.


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