How Covis Club International Change My Financial Fortune In Less Than 30 Days, And How It Can Change Yours Too

If you have been searching for where to achieve your dreams of financial freedom even in the middle of this uncertain lockdown, your search is over! This is because you have found Covis Club International. All you have to do is to partner with this team of visionaries who believe that money should never be the reason why you can’t get your wildest imaginations to reality.

What you see in that image is not audio money, they are real cash paid by Covis Club to her member.

At Covis Club International, we have created a platform that allows you to join the stream of passive income earners. Here you earn and learn high income skills and business for FREE.

Start 2020 on a good note… Your goals are much and you will need money to finance most of them.


Covis Club International is a digital based network marketing club that is committed to raising successful entrepreneurs through the provision of FREE business training both online and offline and as well as organizing periodic skills acquisition programme for its members.

When products are sold OR services rendered, business is done, In COVIS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, no product sold; only services are rendered. Our services includes; Informational / Digital products, – Trade / Skill Acquisition, – Income opportunity, – Loan opportunity.


Now let me show you how you can become a millionaire Covis Club International.

When you sign up with Covis club with a single investment of ($5) or N2, 100. Wisdom demands that you open like three to four accounts for members of your immediate family. Once you sign up, you get FREE direct access to premium courses on Mini importation, digital marketing, Social Media Marketing, WhatsApp Millionaire Secrets, this courses alone are money making skills worth over 100k


Becoming An Affiliate On The Covis Club Platform Is Simple, Easy And Everyone Can Do It.
We Are Following Our Usual Way Of Payment And Placement.

This Is What I Mean, If You Register Now Anyone Registering After You, Automatically Comes Under You And You Stand The Chance Of Benefiting MASSIVELY From Our Team’s SPILLOVERS.​

Minimum Of 5000 People Read This Post Daily And We Also Have Encouraging Sign Ups. This Is One of The Key Reasons Most Of Our Members Move From Stage One To Stage Two, Three And Stage Four In A Matter Of Weeks Without Much Effort.

Imagine How Many People Are Reading This Post Now With You And Imagine How Many Will Come In After Reading..

Sounds Magical Right????

The Best Thing To Do Is To Stop Reading And Register First Before The Next Person Takes The Position That Should Have Been Yours. …. The Good News About Covis Club International Is That You Only Need One People Directly Under You And Every Other Registrations Falls To Fill Empty Matrix Automatically From Left To Right Hand Side AMAZINGLY

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You Have To Understand That You Don’t Loose Out With Covis Club Like Some Other Platform Similar And Here The Only Way You Will Not Earn In Covis Is Only If You Do Not Sign Up On The Platform.

Most amazing part of this is that once you hit your stage 2, you enjoy a monthly payment of N50,000 from the company for a whole one year.

You also have access to loan as a member of Covis Club International


All that is required of you is a onetime registration of only N2,100 for one account, if you are opening more than one account to enable you grow faster you multiply that by the number of account you want to open.

The world has gone past the age where you have to use a hoe and a cutlass, or work 9-5 to be able to make a living.

This is the Internet age where anything is possible! Give it a try today, even if for curiosity sake.

This might look like a get-rich-quick scheme, but I can assure you it’s not. You will get rich, but it will not be overnight.

One interesting thing with Covis Club International is that you earn a referral bonus from Stage 1 to infinity as long as you use your link to register the person. You get your $1 referral bonus. Also it takes fewer down-lines to qualify for a car in Covis Club than any other existing network.


It is almost impossible to succeed in any networking marketing business as an individual, which is why we formed a team. The Covis Club Plus comprises people of different disciplines; budding entrepreneurs who are eager to make it.

Who have stopped depending on the government and have taken full responsibility for their lives. Who know that it is better to try and fail, than to not try and regret. Who know that if they lose, they lose N2,100, but if they win, they make over N20,000,000 on a long run

Your success is guaranteed!


You can say, “I don’t like network marketing” “It’s a scam” or you can say yes to Financial Freedom, the choice is yours to make.

To get started, all you have to do is to sign up with Covisclub Plus team with this link transfer only N2,100 for one account or multiply that with the number of account you want to open and send the money to COVIS CLUB LIMTED ACCOUNT NUMBER ACCOUNT NUMBER 1016497736 ZENITH BANK or ACCOUNT NUMBER 2 COVIS CLUB LIMITED 0122932454 WEMA BANK. After payment send your proof of payment to this contact

Sign up with Covisclub Plus team with this link

For further information chat me up directly here


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