How to Lose Weight Fast: 6 Uncommon Tips


Have you imagined losing weight impossible? Not true!

This article avails you with very handy weight loss tips. The tips to be considered are not based on rocket science. You also have these clues in your veins although they are passive. The purpose of this blog is to help you discover and practise them for lasting results.

Here’s a preamble tip: the success or otherwise of these 6 tips shall be solely determined by your sheer resolve!

Yes. Enough cannot be said about personal resolve for success in any venture. The resolve to win. The resolve to get rich quick. The resolve to take your career to the next level. The resolve to buy your dream car. Several resolve scenarios.

Why You Need to Shed Some Weight Fast

Obesity (excessive weight) is a known cause of under-performance. Under-performance is the culprit in abnormal human scenarios like snoring, clumsiness in everything, plagued marriages, ineffective study habits, breathlessness, lack of spiritual alertness, dysfunctional sex, inefficient work, below average nimbleness, unwelcome sleeping patterns, shaky relationships, ineffective communication, poor examination results, etc.

In fact, obesity breeds inefficiency. Nobody enjoys the company of an obese fellow. Worst of them all, obesity tops the list amongst the causes of cardiac arrest.

How to Know if You Are Obese

Start by determining your body weight (say Y kilograms) and your height (say X meters). Perform the simple maths of dividing Y by X2. This result, Y/ X2, is known as Body Mass Index or BMI.

Although highly debatable, only a BMI range of 18.5 to 22.9 is believed to connote a good weight status as a direct reflection of one’s health status. On the BMI scale, 23 is considered overweight, 25 to 29.9 is considered obese, while 30 and above are severely obese (culled from Edmark MRT Complex publication).

6 Uncommon Tips to Tackle Obesity

  1. Arm Yourself with Thorough Knowledge About the Unfruitful and Harmful Effects of Unhealthy Weights.

Consider the saying “To be forewarned is to be forearmed”. So far, we have only looked at a few of these effects. You will do yourself so much service by going all the hog to research for more information.

  1. Be Desperately Determined to Drop Unhealthy Weights to the Healthy Range (18.5 to 22.9 BMI).

Yes! All results are achievable but only with great efforts and unwavering commitment to your goal. Make this a vision, write it down boldly and paste copies in strategic corners of your house or office, where you’ll always sight them. This way, you’ll be unrelenting in achieving this goal.

  1. Win First in Your Mind All the Time!

Enough cannot be said about first conquering your hurdles from within your mind. Remember that, “as a man thinketh so is he”. Therefore, always picture yourself dropping from that weight of say 120Kg to 70Kg (depending on your height though). Learn to vocalize this vision to yourself from time to time until you see it manifest.

  1. Tweak Your Preferences

Consider consulting a physician to determine your body constitution. This will enable you to know what lifestyle is perfect for your body. What should be your choice diets and in what proportions? What are the no-nos and the yes-yes of your life? You must determine these lifestyle ‘filters’ and stick by them to succeed with weight loss.

  1. Follow Other Established Best Practices for Weight Loss

The above four tips for weight loss will not hasten weight loss results if not combined with well-entrenched weight loss practices like drinking of more water, consuming less of junk foods, exercising regularly, eating more of vegetable foods, etc. Besides, famed healthy living organizations like Forever Living, GNLD, and Edmark International have wonderful product lines and research publications to curb overweight problems. You may do well to get their products and read up research findings on weight loss.

  1. Finally: Accomplish Your Goal by Faith

This is a supernatural evolution of tip number 3 – the power of the mind. Declaring the name of Jesus Christ upon any matter commands upon that matter the intelligence to obey your command. Not everybody believes in this though. However, to them that strongly and ‘blindly’ believe, the principle works beyond magic. This is nothing to be explained by science or any body of knowledge.

You can practise this principle in many ways.

Consider the following examples:

Each time you picture and vocalize weight loss vision to yourself, do so declaratively “In the Name of Jesus Christ”. Each time you eat or drink according to healthy choices, command them declaratively to become weight loss medicines in your body “In the Name of Jesus Christ”.

This is also known as the “Prayer Tip” and it is by far the most potent and reliable of all the other tips.

Kindly note that all the tips are complementary!



As already mentioned, there are several weight loss products out there waiting to be used. Research to identify the healthy ones (based on roots, leaves and herbs’ extracts) that you can use without consequences.

With a benefit of insights, I have witnessed ladies weighing as much as 110Kg drop to 65Kg under a 6-month regimented program. They simply applied the tips above together with a Meal Replacement Therapy (MRT Complex) product from Edmark International, for example.

You can achieve the same if you are resolved to do so!


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