How to Save your Marriage in Nigeria

Can you really keep a Nigerian man,can you save your marriage? Yes.

It’s normal, in relationships & marriage men are hard to keep, which sometimes require women to go extra mile to ensure their men don’t deviate from their family responsibilities that is after they have tried all they can to change them for the better. A classic example is Alice, who shares her story on how she made sure she doesn’t share her husband with other women.

“My name is Alice, a mother of three children. I would like to reveal what happened to me two months ago.

My husband works with a government institution. He lives in LAGOS while I live in ENUGU STATE with our children. We did a wedding in 2005 after we had completed college-we were in the same college. During that time my husband was working in KANO STATE and I was working in ENUGU.

In 2015 he was transferred to LAGOS, which resulted to us living  apart. But despite the distance, we were in constant communication and he would come every 2week. We had a wonderful time until 2016 January, when he started skipping home some weekends. I tried to question him but every time I confronted him, he would say he had commitments in the office. By last year June, he made it formal that he would come once a month-that was the time I noticed there was something amiss.

One evening, Friday, I decided to travel to LAGOS my instincts told me he wasn’t alone…he had called earlier informing me he will not coming and that there is a seminar he was going.

After arriving, I decided to go straight to his house without informing him. My husband wasn’t around at that time. I became curious. Without hesitation, I inquired, “who are you”, the woman asked, “I am the woman of this house”. Confused, sweating and shaking vigorously, I decided to call my husband, who replied,”why did you come without my permission, you woman, go back to ENUGU STATE. Let me not get you there when I arrive!!!!!

Due to fear, I decided to go and spend my night in a lodging.

The following morning, I decided to go back to ENUGU STATE

Immediately I arrived in ENUGU, my husband called and warned me not to repeat the same mistake. He said, “as a punishment, I won’t come there for the next 3 months”.

It downed on me that my husband was leaving me and there was nothing I could do to keep him. Figuring out what I could do, I realized even prayers won’t help.

Since I was heart breaking, I decided to share my story to some of my female friends. That was the time I discovered the name Dr. Kenneth, who is a traditional herbalist. One woman who had the same problem approached me and gave me this number +234-812-288-1776. When I called, the polite man picked and told me he can help solve my marital problems.

At first I was shock because I have been hearing nasty stories about traditional herbalists but since the problem was deep, I decided to give him a try, but I made sure I had done my background check to confirm whether the man could truly help me. I was even given the email address, [email protected] and his website,

After confirming the details, we arranged for a meeting. Everything happened so fast that I couldn’t imagine my miseries were over. Today I happily live with my husband, and the other woman is desperate in LAGOS…they don’t even talk to each other.

If you have the same problem, you can contact the doctor for the help

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