I Have Decided To Accept The New Changes At Work

I have decided to accept the new changes in my place of work. But with terms and conditions.

That’s not really the case here. I have worked for years and didn’t get promoted, but then i thought of helping my friend, and my friend ended up achieving what i couldn’t achieve while having the same qualifications and even been paid x2 of what am earning. though! I have no bad intentions towards my friend but I think he made a wrong move by making some changes that’s unfavorable to me and others.

Of course I have reasons to feel been treated
unfairly. Am also human too.
some said I was jealous of my friend been made the assistant Boss, but to be candid, I never did… I just didn’t like the way he was acting so professional as if we that have been working there for long are unprofessional.

after much thought, I decided to summon courage to tender my letter of upliftment for the Increasement of my salary today, and for God so good… my letter was approved and my money has been increase to what my friend is earning…. so the only difference now is that, he’s my superior and I will have to be taking orders from him in which I have started to adapt to it.

To be candid, my friend possesses all the quality that it takes to be the assistant Boss because he’s bold and fearless…. not like me that’s very quiet.


i will like to use dis medium to thank those that motivated me to go fight for my right.

((Previous thread —– https://www.nairaland.com/7341973/how-feel-when-friend-becomes ))

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