Is Jungle Justice the Answer?

Jungle justice is an evil act whereby citizens acting outside the law take it upon themselves to punish a perpetrator in a gory manner, even to the extent of burning them to death as often the case in Nigeria.

Over the years we have experienced so many cases of jungle justice in our country Nigeria.

If you grew up in “the ghetto” you may have seen so many of this, and even if you didn’t stay in the ghetto, you would have come across such in the newspaper.

The painful part about this occurrence is that once a person is accused, the mob doesn’t care if the individual is innocent or not – they are just blood thirsty and looking for an opportunity to place their aggression on the victim. What baffles me most is that 100% of the mob are guilty of one crime or the other and just because they aren’t caught, they believe they are saints.

A quick glance through the story of the adulterous woman in the Bible, who was brought to Jesus for him to be the judge who’d give them the go-ahead to lynch her. This story is really funny, in the sense that she was accused of adultery, after being caught in the act – yet in the end, she was brought alone. Perhaps, the man involved bribed them because a woman definitely can’t commit an adultery alone!

The point of this illustration points to the fact that most mobs are confused and most times do not really know the reason they want to lynch a particular person.

Jungle justice is not the solution to any crime.

Let’s all reason together.

Since there has been jungle justice, has there been reduction in crime rate? I have come to the understanding, that the only way to stop social vices is to show love. Also, taking a “criminal” to court for fair trail, which will help make him understand the implications of his action.

You may say you don’t know what he did and that’s the reason, but consider this –

“If God should punish us for every sin we commit, do you think any of us would be alive?”

The same set of people that lynches people are the same set of people that would celebrate a politician who doesn’t do anything for their community.

Jungle justice is bad.

Jungle justice isn’t the solution.

Say No to Jungle Justice!

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