Issues in Nigeria’s constitution

The constitution is a compass guiding the process of governance in a state,thus it has to be in good shape,compresensive,unambigious and easy to understand. Nigeria seem to be unfortunate when it comes to having a “peoples” constitution as it has either been produced by colonial masters or the military, thus removing the people factor in it. However, now that the constitution is being amended, Sen. Ekweremadu’s c’ttee should do well to look into a number of issues in the 1999 constitution. The status of LGAs,freedom of religion without limit enabling people to do what they like in the name of religion,ununiform judicial system allowing religion based court,fiscal federalism that breeds acrymony, and the issue of rotational presidency among others are all  nagging issues demanding for attention. Even the bulky nature of the constitution is a problem as i can bet that most of our leaders do not know the provisions of the constitution. Though Machiavelli said that constitution amendment is one of the most difficult things to carry out successfully, now that the process is on,it must not be another jamboree.
                                                   UCHE IWEALA
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