"It gave me psychotic illness" Man sues hospital for $642M after watching his wife’s C-section

A man in Australia sued the hospital where he witnessed his wife give birth via cesarean-section in 2018, claiming it caused him a psychotic illness. Dad Anil Koppula filed the lawsuit several years after the successful operation. He claimed that the experience led to a breakdown of his marriage. In the documents filed to support his suit, Mr. Koppula alleges that he was encouraged, or permitted, to observe the delivery, that in the course of doing so, he saw his wifes internal organs and blood. Koppula also said that the Hospital breached a duty of care it owed to him and is liable to pay him damages. His lawsuit seeks damages from the Royal Womens Hospital in Melbourne in the amount of 1 billion Australian dollars, the equivalent of more than 642 million US dollars. The hospital in Australia has said that it hadnt breached a duty of care, and Koppula didnt suffer any real injury because of the C-section he observed. Koppula chose to represent himself in court. The judge Justice James Gorton –  agreed with the hospital and dismissed the suit, calling the claim an abuse of process. The post “It gave me psychotic illness” Man sues hospital for $642M after watching his wife’s C-section appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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