I’ve Been Bullied By My Female Colleagues in Nollywood + My Fight & Problem with Tonto Dikeh- Halima Abubakar

 Halima Abubakar is so blunt during interviews. She is currently doing a documentary about bullying. Halima gave reasons for choosing bullying of all charitable causes.

”Because I have been bullied for most part of my childhood and adocescent years. I want to focus on this because a lot of people are scared to speak up maybe because of threats….and all the way to my career in Nollywood, most of my friends have exploited my being quiet in a very disrespectful manner. Perhaps, because one is not a star or don’t have what they possess and because of this, they don’t think you belong to whatever class they have. I have been through this from fellow actors especially the female ones”.

Lately, it was reported in the papers that Halima had a quarrel with Tonto Dikeh, but Halima debunked that,

”Oh no, we never quarreled. I only read it in the papers just like everyone else did. We never had any verbal quarrel”.

Talking about her current relationship and friendship with Tonto Dikeh, as they used to be close friends,  Halima responded thus:

”She is just my friend and colleague that is all… Ok, after a while in life some people just grow apart. That was the only problem we had, there was never any verbal exchange between us. Dont forget that between us, there were too many friends. Now, I dont even have time for friendship… Tonto is an amazing person…”.

Edward Ifegwu