Jason Njoku and Ladi Delano Make Forbes 10 Young African Millionaire To Watch List


Photo Of Jason Njoku the Founder of Iroko Tv

Njoku 31 is the founder of Iroko Tv, the world’s largest distributor of African movies. Iroko Tv has been dubbed the ‘Netflix of Africa’. Earlier this year, Iroko raised 8million dollars in venture capital from Tiger Global Management, a New York based Private Equity and hedge fund run by billionaire Chase Coleman. Iroko has lucrative distribution deals with Dailymotion, iTunes, Amazon and Vimeo. The company is said to be worth as much as 30 million dollars with Njoku as the largest individual shareholder.  Ladi 30 is said to have made his first million in dollars at 22 when he opened a liquor company in China. Solidamosc pulled in 20million in annual revenue. He subsequently sold the company for 15million dollars and ploughed the funds into his next venture The Delano-Reid Group, a real estate investment company focused on mainland China. Today, Ladi is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Bakrie Delano Africa (BDA), a 1 billion dollars joint venture with 1million dollars market capitalization, Bakrie group of Indonesia. Others who made the list include: Mark Shuttleworth- South Africa (male, 38) Ashish Thakkar- Uganda (male, 29) Justin Stanford- South Africa (male, 28) Magatte Wade- Senegal (female, 36) Mike Macharia- Kenya (male, 36) Vinny Lingham- South Africa (male, 33) Kamai Budhabatti- Kenya (male, 36) Yoanda Cuba- South Africa (female, 35)

Osaro Abraham Agho