Join OTTO, Make Up to One Million Naira Monthly

Earn Up to 1 Million NGN Per Month with OTTO’s Promotion Plan

OTTO provides job promotion for every actively working member. Each member can create their own career with peace of mind in this job.

The promotion mechanism is as follows
1. Promote administrator
2. Promote city manager
3. Regional President

To become an administrator, you need to meet the following requirements

1 During your tenure, you must have a valid product with M-24500 or higher than M-24500

2. You have at least 5 B’s, 10 C’s and 15 D’s active team members.

3. Ability to manage teams, teach lectures, and organize team quizzes.

4. Learn more about OTTO’s income

First become an administrator in the group, you will get a fixed monthly salary provided by the company The first month: Fixed monthly salary of 20,000 + 10,000 bonus

The second month: Fixed monthly salary of 30,000 + 10,000 bonus

The third month: Fixed monthly salary of 50,000 + 20,000 bonus

The fourth month: Fixed monthly salary of 70,000 + 20,000 bonus

The fifth month: Fixed monthly salary of 100,000 + 30,000 bonus

The sixth month: Fixed monthly salary of 150,000 + 50,000 bonus

The highest monthly salary is 200,000 NGN. At the same time, if the administrator fails to perform his duties, the regional manager will have the right to deduct or punish your extra rewards. At the same time, those who seriously violate the company rules. The admin will be disqualified.

Every active member is entitled to this employment opportunity At the same time the administrator is not your end. Because each admin satisfies another condition. You will be able to apply to the company to become a city manager. And enjoy a monthly salary of 300,000 NGN

When your team size has 10 B-level members, 20 C-level members, and 20 D-level members. You can form member clubs and you can be promoted to City Manager

Then partners who become city managers can get a fixed monthly salary of 300,000 Naira. And each partner who becomes a city manager meets for 4 months.

You will receive an invitation from OTTO to come to OTTO headquarters for training. Any expenses required for training (air tickets, accommodation, meals.) will be borne by the company.

After passing the training. You will be appointed by the company to
be the Regional President for Nigeria. And evaluate your fixed monthly salary (1 million-3 million) based on your contribution to the company and your ability.








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