Kyrie Irving may move to Lakers to join Lebron and Davis

While they were with the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving both have won the championship. However, there are possibilities being created by the latter of attempting to achieve the same feat in the Los Angeles Lakers. These two players are among the favourite in the basketball category of Betway sports betting.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has already stated on his radio show that Irving, who currently has an open player option for 2019-20 and can choose to become a free agent after this season, is interviewing with the Purple and Gold, whether or not he may sign for them.

When commenting on it, Stephen A. Smith said in his show that he does not know what exactly Kyrie Irving will do but that he has an interview booked at the Lakers.

LeBron and Irving have been co-players from 2014-2015 and through 2016-2017 in Cleveland. They have been able to reach the NBA finals in all those three seasons. Together, they exuded excellence and it allowed them to overcome a 3-1 deficit when they played in the finals against the 73-wins Golden State Warriors.

In the games, Irving and James scored 41 points in Game 5. James also scored an additional 41 points in Game 6 and followed with a triple-double in Game 7. Irving gave the score that determined the winners of the game. The finals series ended with Irving making a request for a trade.

An ESPN reporter, Brian Windhorst made a report in July 2017 about the point guard seeking to be ‘much more’ and being the ‘focal point’ rather than playing his games in James’ shadow.

For this reason, Cleveland offered him to the Boston Celtics. James’ team, the Cavaliers were able to reach the 2018 finals even without Irving but also left Cleveland to sign up with the Lakers just before the 2018-19 campaign.

Irving was later reported to have reached out to his former teammate to make an apology for how he acted and handled the critics opinion during their time together at the Cavaliers.

James stated that the both of them were in a good place, when he was asked about the relationship in February, per Joe Vardon of the Athletic.

He said that they both are on good terms and that he loves the growth steps that Kyrie is making, the challenges he’s take on and that his best wishes are with him.

Signing Irving would be a really great addition to the Lakers team who were not able to reach the playoffs for six seasons in a row.

Having the two Betway’s fans favourite players in the same team could be great again, but it is still a speculation and eventually depends on their willingness to meet and reach an agreement, and of course – the right amount of money from the Lakers.