Life in Nigeria

Nigerians in Lagos

In a society where the sanctity of life is not protected, life itself becomes meaningless. Where actions are taken only when mishap involves a ruling elite means that the life of the common man means nothing much. In Nigeria, we tend to remember the sanctity of life when negligence on the part of authorities cost the life of a ruling elite. It’s a week today that Nigeria witnessed, arguably a crash too many taking the lifes of some notable men. Three days national mourning was declared in their memory. Investigations and probes are now ongoing. While that is good, who cares about the deaths on our highways, from lagos-ibadan, ore-benin, okene-lokoja, enugu-port harcort express ways, to memtion a few. What of the ones that fulani herdsmen, suicide bombers, arm and pen robbers are killing steady? Is’nt corruption, poverty and preventable disease killing more people than that for which we declared mourning? What of lagos state that extended hers to one week
when the strike by her medical doctors obviously killed more people. I think we should start doing the right thing to protect the lifes of our people- both rich and poor.


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