Lovers Fall Into A River After Canoe Tipped During Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot.

A couple posing for their pre-wedding photo tipped out of their canoe during their shoot and it has made rounds on social media.

Tijin Thankachen and Silpa were photographed in a canoe in the Pamba river in Kadammanitta, the south Indian state of Kerala.

Holding a banana leaf over their heads the photo, they tried to depict a romantic scene where they are caught in rainfall.

But as the photographer tells the couple to lean in closer and share a kiss the boat loses balance.

Leaning towards his fiancée Tijin causes the boat to dramatically tilt to one side.

And, as if in slow motion, the couple are dramatically tipped in to the river as the canoe tips over.

Those around them laugh as they are dunked under the water and Tijin has to pull his fiancée from the shallow water.