‘Low budget Ikeja Amber Rose’ – Twitter Nigeria plays host to epic ‘fight’

Nigerian Twitter experienced the ‘fight of the month’ as two ladies dragged each other back and forth on the micro-blogging website.

Low budget Ikeja Amber RoseOmohtee

The drama started when a popular twitter user, @omohtee12 pictured above , shaded @EdoFirstLady, insinuating that she (@EdoFirstLady) was not physically appealing, especially for someone who is fond of throwing shade at other ladies.

Low budget Ikeja Amber RoseEdofirstlady

@EdoFirstLady responded telling Omohtee that if she didn’t like her pictures, she was free to look the other way instead of throwing shades at her.

While the ladies brazenly boasted about their physical appeal, going under the knife and self-esteem percentage, what stood out most for Twitter users was the fact that @EdoFirstLady tagged @omohtee12 a “low budget Ikeja Amber Rose”.

See exchange below;

Low budget Ikeja Amber Rose

Low budget Ikeja Amber Rose

Low budget Ikeja Amber Rose

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