Much Ado About Cassava Bread

House Of Rep

The House of Representatives just rejected an Executive Bill on the compulsory inclusion of cassava in bread in Nigeria. In the view of the Executive, this will free some money used in the importation of wheat to be channeled into some more productive ventures like pumping it into the Agricultural industry. Another issue is the local content side of it. The Law Makers questioned what will become of our diabetic brothers? Of note is that our law makers are paid to legislate for all Nigerians, not just a group. Our Agricultural Industry needs a boost and here is a bill that will help in this regard, but it has been rejected. What is wrong in removing the “compulsory” clause and consider the bill? Our diabetic brothers can still have the wheat bread. Would’nt it have been better to reshape the bill in a way that will benefit all and sundry? That said. Why should the Executive burder so much about cassava bread now that we have so many issues at hand? Security problems, collapsing economy, “robbers” and “rogues” in our institutions, “dogs” and “baboons” that will be sockd in blood come 2015 and lots more. One would have thought that the Executive would come up with executive bills that will solve Nigerias crucial problems that are of more grave consequences than just having cassava in our bread. On the other hand, the legislature should sit up and rise above legislative frivolities.

                                                                              UCHE IWEALA
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