“My Greatest love” – Dabota Lawson writes as she shares beautiful photos of her daughter.

Ex-beauty queen and entrepreneur, Dabota Lawson, is a proud mother to a very beautiful daughter and she is never shy to show off her daughter.

The mother-of-one shared adorable photos of her daughter Reignah, 3, and this generated positive comments and likes from her Instagram fans.

Sharing the photo, she wrote ;

“My everyday crush, my greatest Love . Since she came into my life it’s been blessings upon blessings upon blessings. I’m thankful to my Heavenly Father everyday for The Love of My Life, Queen Reignah,” Dabota captioned the photos

See more photos below ;

Dabota was once married before and after the crash of her marriage, she revealed getting married in 2014 is one of her biggest regrets.
According to her, she’s not so thankful for everything that has happened to her and wished she had made some right decisions in life which includes getting married in 2014.

“This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about past events in my life. My friends kept saying Dabota everything happens for a reason and you are who you are today because of all that has happened. But I said to them and myself NO!! I’m not soooo thankful, I wish I made better decisions and was careful before getting involved with certain things and certain people. I wish I could see the future of how some of my poor decisions will stay hunting me because they actually do Every time I win or do better it’s because I chose to and I took a right turn, not always because I’ve learned a lesson.

“The only thing I know is my mind and heart is just stronger, too strong for my own good, I’m almost not in touch with reality and strictly focused on pursuing goals and making sure everyone and everything around me is fine. I miss being carefree and the softness and innocence I used to have. I hate the fact that I have major trust issue and assume everyone has an ulterior motive around me. I mostly regret ever getting married in 2014 ( please keep all that lessons and whatever you think I got from it talk ) I hate the fact that I did !PERIOD!” she wrote.

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