My Wife Likes Money a Lot + I am a Born-Again Christian- Desmond Elliot

  Desmond Elliot is a star actor that got married nine years ago. He and his wife waited on the lord for four years before the could get a child. God gave them four kids after the wait- two sets of twins. Desmond disclosed that twins run in her wife’s family. Desmond recently opened up in an interview on a lot of issues.

On how he met his wife. 

”I met her in school, University of Jos. We were in the same church. We are church people”.

Are you saying you are a born-again christian?

I am very close to God and yes you can say I am born-again. We met and one thing let to another and we started becoming close. I fell in love and I asked the woman if she would be my girlfriend and she said no.

She bounced you with all your fine boy?

Yes oh, but I don’t see myself as a fine boy. She wanted to hear from God.

What struck you about her?

First, it was her beauty. She wasn’t the flashy, let me put it in your face kind of person and she loved God so much… I wasn’t thinking ‘wife’ then because we dated like eight years before coming into marriage. As we became closer, I just fell in love and when it comes to love, you do not tell your heart who to love. So it was the fact that I love her and it’s even sweeter now because we have grown better and we understand each other. ONLY THAT SHE LIKES MONEY A LOT MORE THAN I — USED TO THINK SHE LIKED MONEY.

Hahaha. Was Desmond right to have made this revelation about his wife?

Edward Ifegwu

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