Nadia Buari Keeps Mum on Radio About Her Alleged Hidden Baby; as Controversy Trails Her Over Her Secret Love Child

Sometime ago, the Ghanaian entertainment industry was agog over the gist that very pretty actress, Nadia Buari has a love child out of wedlock.

As the news was making rounds, Nadia Buari refused to comment on her alleged baby issue but insiders who are very well informed in the Ghanaian entertainment industry still alleged that Nadia Buari has a beautiful young daughter of about 7 or 8 years. With time, the gist about Nadia’s baby died down.

Recently, the Nadia Buari’s hidden child issue has popped up again after she failed to answer a simple YES or NO question on radio last week in Ghana on whether or not she has a child.

Naijaparrot gathered that Nadia Buari was a guest on Brunch Time with Jessica on Citi FM last week Friday in Ghana. On the show, Jessica interviewed Nadia and they discussed a variety of issues, including her alleged reunion with Chelsea midfielder, Michael Essien. After clarifying some issues on those reunion claims, it was time for fans to send text messages to their screen idol.

After showerimg her with all the encomiums, the ”BOMB” questions from one of the listeners came in.

”Please ask Nadia if she has a child”

After being silent for a while and fumbling to answer the question, Nadia mustered the courage to say, ”No comments”.

No comments? Hmmmm, this was a simple question that needed a NO or YES answer. If she has a child, what’s wrong in opening up? After all, Genevieve Nnaji has a child and she doesnt deny it.

Could it be that Nadia Buari has a secret love child? What do you think?

Edward Ifegwu

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