Nigerian Witches And Wizards Predicts The Outcome Of 2015 Presidential Election

The witches and wizards in Nigeria say President Goodluck Jonathan will emerge winner of the 2015 Presidential elections.

They also said the All Progressive Congress National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, will be betrayed in 2015 by his close aides.

This was revealed in a communique signed by Dr Okhue Iboi, President Witches & Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN).

“Tinubu will be betrayed. He will be sold out by those he trusted. This betrayal will affect his political empire. Tinubu’s political dynasty is under threat of crumbling.

“Tinubu is a good man, but the bitter truth he must swallow today is that APC is going nowhere. Many top notchers of PDP that are in APC now will go back to PDP. Witches said so in November last year and it happened.

“I’m telling the whole world again today that many former PDP leaders that are now in APC will betray Tinubu and other APC leaders, they will go back to PDP this year, and before 2015 general elections,” the communique read.

“Jonathan will win re-election. Although there will be pockets of violence, Jonathan will win.

“I will also have to appeal to Buhari and Tinubu, they should not waste their money, time and energy on the poll. They should go home and rest. They should forget about becoming President or Vice President of Nigeria. APC will still lose more governors to PDP before this year runs out.”



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