Our Prayer Warrior Mum Used to Sneak us out at Night Then to Attend Shows- Peter Okoye Speaks on Mum’s Death

  It’s been revealed that Josephine Okoye, the late mother of P’square was operated on in an Indian hospital before she gave up the ghost.

A statement from P’square’s publicist says Josephine Okoye, who had battled with prolonged illness, passed away in an Indian hospital in Kolkata, at July 11, 2012 at 11pm.

Peter Okoye said her late mother suffered from diabetes.

”You know that she was a prayer warrior, so I dont need to tell you how she stood by us spiritually. Besides, she was the only that believed in us when we decided to make a career out of music. I can remember that she used to sneak us out at night then to attend shows without the consent of our father who insisted that we must quit music to face our education”. Peter Okoye recounted.

Edward Ifegwu