Samuel Atta Mills Visits TB Joshua

Samuel Kofi Atta Mills

  Samuel Kofi Atta Mills, the son of the late President John Atta Mills, yesterday visited Prophet TB Joshua at his Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) in Nigeria. Samuel Atta Mills said he was there to thank God for the life of his father.

Prophet TB Joshua called on Ghanaians not to mourn the death of President Mills, because he “was a martyr who knew where he was going.” According to the prophet, President Atta Mills did not die of any illness, rather it was God’s time for him to go home, he said. TB Joshua noted that if President Mills death was due to illness, he would have died long ago, stressing that the former President’s death was “divine and could not be tempered with.” The prophet described President Atta Mills as a martyr who had completed his work on earth. He said President Mills’s death would “bring glory and honour to Ghana” and unify the political class. “President Mills was a good man but could not do all the good works for Ghana all alone.” According to Prophet Joshua, before he died, former President Mills knew that he was leaving the world into eternity. “The departure of our father was as it should be by divine will. It was unchanged. I saw it right from the beginning of the journey, and I prayed in closet and in congregation, which I shared with you in a form of prayer, and discussed with him one-on-one, the vision, and that has been a guide that sustained him before his glorious exit.

“Ask people around him, they will tell you that he knew he was going home.
“I used to celebrate his birthday on Emmanuel TV. If you take note, this last birthday was not shown because our father was more of heaven before birthday,” he said. Looking ahead, Prophet Joshua, said “death is not a period – it is only a comma – because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.” He referred to former President Mills as his father, and extended his condolences to the former First Lady, Dr Ernestina Naadu Mills, the family and the rest of Ghanaians. “Here, my heart goes to the wife, son, family and well wishers. Celebrate our father, not mourn because it was a life well spent,” he said. Prophet Joshua also denied ever telling anybody that God did not reveal the death of President Mills to him, otherwise “I would have averted it.” He explained that yesterday was the first time he publicly spoke about the death of the Ghanaian leader. On the request of TB Joshua, a minute silence was held as a sign of respect to the former President.

Osaro Agho

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