Scandal is Necessary for Stardom- Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Isabella Ayuk says


It is no longer news that Isabella Ayuk, winner of 2012 MBGN pageant, is involved in an alleged age falsification and sex scandal. Some alleged that Isabella was given the crown because of the calibre of men she sleeps with and that she falsified her age to be able to contest in the MBGN pageant. It was alleged that Isabella is actually 30 years old and not 26 as she claims, which made Miss World organizers to reject her, thus choosing the First runner up, Diamette Charles in her place.

Reacting to all these scandalous allegations, Isabella Ayuk tweeted some hours ago, thus:

”Scandal is necessary for stardom. Envious people always exist especially wen they r afraid of ur rising. As giant we will dwarf them. In God I will always Trust. If God says YES, no human can say NO, who God has blessed, is indeed Blessed”.

Edward Ifegwu

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