The Change We Seek or the Change We Are?

Nigeria my country, self acclaimed giant of Africa, the most populous black nation, a country filled with milk and honey yet its citizens languish in penury.

Over the years, we have always clamoured for good leadership but it hasn’t been forthcoming. The elites want to remain in power and only pass the mantle to their relatives, turning our democracy to monarchy.

What brings tears to my eyes is that our youths of today are languishing.

They said youths are the leaders of tomorrow. I weep for that tomorrow. I see a generation that would be worse than that of our predecessors, if you doubt me, look around you and see the rot in the system. We now have youths who can go into internet scam to get money. Imagine what he /she would do when the state treasury in his care?

We now have youths who are willing to destroy the lives of others just to make money. I weep for our female children who have sold their bodies on the altar of monetary gain.

I weep because our system is in shambles. Our youths now believe that the only way to make it is through illegal means. We now have youths who are ready to pick up arms to defend their oppressors as long as they get paid. Youths who lack vision of the Nigeria of tomorrow.

We are at this point because visionary youths are being reluctant to make the desired change. Youths who have focus are not interested in making a change in our Nation, they are only interested in their personal development.

How can we be better if youths who are vibrant and have the Holy Spirit,  confine themselves to the four walls of their churches.

We can only be in safe hands if everyone sees our country as a personal burden and we are willing to make the change. So many people are ready to eat the produce but aren’t ready to till the ground.

If all hands are placed on deck, I see a country where all will be well.

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