The Futility of Probes in Nigeria

 When former president Obasanjo called them rogues and robbers, little did we know that he was making a factual statement. The few ones we thought will not be included in that description are now the leaders of the pack. It all reminds me of the futility of probes in Nigeria. It is just a way of keeping busy in governance process. Does the probes by Hons. Elumelu, Hembe and now Farouk Lawan tell you something? It is simple. A thief does not pursue a thief. When one wants to prove righteous and achieve grandstanding and fame, he must be reminded who he is. The bribery allegation between Farouk Lawan, chair of the subsidy probe panel and Mr. Femi Otedola, owner of Zenon oil and a billionaire business mogul, now rocking the lower chamber is only an iceberg as to how our “representatives” are representing us. It is hearty to know that this has blown open, at least shattering some peoples grandstanding and clouding “2015” more and more for them. It is however
melancholic to know that members of our probe panels, investigation committees and their likes set up to unravel the “thief” always end up been part of the criminal gang. While the $3m and NGN11 billion bribery scandals rocking the lower chamber remains an allegation untill otherwise proven by a competent court of law, the whole story tells us that our elected representatives are only interested in enriching themselves more at every given opportunity while our economic elites will never let go their ill gotten wealth without roping-in any one that seem to be bent on dissecting their lobotomy in the public.


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