The Tomorrow that Never Came

When I was in primary school we normally sang this song..


_”Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay our school fees, and give us sound education._”


It seems most of the lyrics of the song came into reality, many of us did receive a sound education but unfortunately we aren’t the leaders of tomorrow.


That tomorrow we craved never came, we were told that education was the key, most of us finished school only to find out that the padlock had been changed. The same set of people that were in power before I was born are still in power now, giving chance to only a few of the youths whose impact is minimal.


I always had the dream of going to school, meeting a damsel that would wow me, getting a decent job and a side business; all this I thought I could accomplish at the age of 25. Funny right? If only I knew that the only box that ticked was going to school. I’m gradually getting to 25 years and tomorrow I envisioned is blurry.


Even the school I thought would be sufficient isn’t sufficient enough, if I don’t add a business idea or I have no connections, those dreams may fade away.


I envisioned a tomorrow that is better than this, where your future is at the mercy of your abilities and not the government. I envisioned a tomorrow where things are for the better and not worse.


I always thought I would be out of my parents’ protection at age 18. I am way above that and painfully I am still under them.


I was enthusiastic about tomorrow because of the plans I had in mind but alas, tomorrow never came.

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