The Types Of Exams We Need For Schools, Academic Institutions In Nigeria

I will go straight to the point.

1. At earliest stages (Nursery, and Early Basic Stages), pupils should be tested with examinations that ascertain their motor skills, and every other basic skills and basic abilities..

2. At mid stages (Basic Classes, and Junior Collage Classes), The students should be tested with examinations that dwell more on ascertaining the strength of their retentive memories.

(2b. Then, at Senior Collage, the students should be gradually introduced to “knowledge-based examinations”, which test the residual and acquired knowledge of the students on the subject, and not necessarily what the students remember. Thus, the exams should be in forms that allow and encourage the students to give their answers in their very own words, and not necessarily the way it was presented inside the textbooks.. In fact, anybody who presents an answer similar to what was contained inside the textbooks shouldn’t have any score.)

3. At later stages (Higher Institutions), the students should be tested with examinations that ascertain the “Applied Knowledge” of the students (Starting from their First Year in the Institutions). This type of examination is known as “Application-based Examination”, and it tests the “Problem-Solving Skills” of the students.
At this stage, examinations should be more of “solving” real-life situations, and the students are even allowed to use textbooks if they wish – because the answers are not even inside the textbooks to start with – the answers to such examinations are in the internal ability of the students to apply their knowledge.
For Instance, an examination that contains a “problem” that was well described, and the students were required to provide a solution to the problem based on their knowledge of the subject in question – is an “Application-based Examination”.
Thus, no two answers are supposed to be the same.

Nobody can leave the Higher Institutions of learning, and still be feeling like he has absolutely nothing inside him.

It pains me deeply whenever I see University Examination Papers with Objective Questions, and such examinations would be expecting the so-called University Students to fill in the gaps or blank-spaces with the required missing words or phrases or sentences..
Meaning that, they are still testing the retentive memories of such students of higher institutions??

It even pains more when one sees a so-called “graduate” of a higher institution of learning, who doesn’t even know the practicability of the course he read and graduated from.

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