Unravelling Wike’s Anti-Southern Agenda By Ben Uhumwangho

Indeed, Nigerians are not dummies and agree or not, politicians are very smart and are always looking for ways to outsmart not only their opponents, but even their constituents, resorting to breaching established protocols in order to get their way is not prohibitive to them, as long as the end justifies the means.

Believing that a loud-mouthed and self-praising politician is working in your interest when he tells you so, is akin to believing a trader who claims to have sold you a good product at a loss to himself, it simply doesn’t happen.

The recent drama playing out in the PDP today with the Governor Nyesom Wike’s led camp and the rest of the party, when well interrogated, will uncover a well-orchestrated and deceptive script authored by Wike to breach established protocol and occupy Aso Rock unchallenged and in dissonance with democratic tenets.

In fact, there is nothing empathetic or pro-south about Wike’s presidential aspiration, it is on record that he rancorously decimated the party, losing two performing governors in the south – a move which can now be seen in hindsight as not accidental by any stretch, as they could have been potential hurdles to his personal agenda if the ticket was to be zoned to the south in his calculation.

Again, the enfant terrible of the party, ferociously led an attack to sack Uche Secondus a southerner as party chairman and vehemently pushed for the emergence of Dr Iyorchia Ayu – a northerner, against another southerner why? He simply was playing a game of draught with the party, so that the presidential ticket will be foreclosed to the north.

With his so-called influence in the party, is it not astonishing that no Rivers indigene occupy any position of relevance in the party’s national executive? Because that would inimically minimise the (his) chances for negotiating the juiciest position when the time came, wouldn’t it? So, he wasn’t having it.


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