Video: Ghanaian Pastor Kicks And Steps On The Stomach Of A Pregnant Woman

The Pastor and Founder of the International God’s Way Church, Daniel Obinim, is embroiled in scandal yesterday after video surfaced of him stepping on and kicking the stomach of a pregnant woman.

Speaking in tongues, the pastor is believed to be trying to cure the woman of an affliction, though concrete information on the exact reason or date of the incident has yet to emerge.

Obinim was arrested in 2013 and brought before a court on seven charges, one being use of an offensive weapon. Two years before that, Obinim was also subject of scandal following charges that he made love with a junior pastor’s wife.

Recently the pastor has also been involved in a heated political drama with former Ghanaian President, Rawlings, who accused Obinim of being a false prophet.

“Many too often as we watch our TVs, I don’t think we are putting enough efforts into showcasing some of these cultural traditional festivals – the activities that are going on around the countryside – and yet so much time is spent giving airtime, precious airtime to people like these two prophets I’ve been talking about of late: the one in Tema, called Obinim and the other one called Kumchacha,” the former leader said of Obinim and another pastor in November.

“The misuse of God’s name is the worst form kind of corruption that we can talk about…and we are paying the serious price for it, and we will continue to do so till we wake to the reality of what is scientifically possible, plausible and doable,” he followed.

Obinim recently fired back, threatening the former president and other critics of his work.

Watch the video below..



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