When a Guy Approaches me, What I First Look Out for is Neatness and Politeness- Actress Yvonne Okoro

  Remember Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro and her AMAA boobs exposure? Well, this time around is not all about boobs exposure. Yvonne Okoro spoke to Tribune about some issues.

On whether she is a Nigerian or Ghanaian, Yvonne stated:

”I am an African. It does not matter if I am a Ghanaian or Nigerian. The most important thing is I’m a citizen of the world. But my dad is a Nigerian from Abia state and he is an Ibo man and my mum is Ghanaian, she is Fante”.

Speaking on her ideal man and what attracts her in a man, Yvonne stated:

”I’m a very jovial person, I really love to have fun sometimes. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is too serious and uncomfortable with that side of me. When a guy approaches me, what I first look out for is neatness and politeness. Of course, he should be God-fearing too. I am a very jealous person. When I am dating, I give it to my all, so my guy doesn’t have a problem with infidelity. I am a trustworthy person and I’d expect the same from him, but of course I will let him have female friends. He should also understand the essence of communication, because it is important in any relationship. Likewise, he should understand the nature of my job. He must know how to make me laugh”.

Edward Ifegwu