Why Osinbajo Must Sue Vanguard Newspaper and Timi Frank

Now that it is news that Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President of Nigeria has served notice through his lawyers, Falana & Falana, of an intention to sue within 24 hours if Vanguard newspaper did not retract and apologise over the 90 billion naira fraud allegation against him; an allegation made by the garrulous Timi Frank and published by Vanguard, I wish to add my voice on the side of our VP, a distinguished man of integrity.

I like what Prof Osibajo is planning to do and I’m totally in support.

The recklessness of Vanguard stinks to high heavens. Let’s not even mention the newspaper’s propensity to deploy grammatical shakabula and linguistic epilepsy in service of political sophistry and tomfoolery. The Vanguard newspaper of today is an epitome of everything wrong with the Nigerian media space, which is mostly populated by quacks, illiterates, Ill-mannered, shallow, hungry, frustrated and embarrassingly partisan journalists.

On this one, Vanguard must have its bum-bum heat up with fire burning with Sulphur and brimstone. It mustn’t be business as usual.

I hope, like Dr. Fayemi did to the now rested National Compass owned by Gbenga Daniel, and unlike Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who forgave AIT for its malicious and scandalous “Lion of Bourdillion” contraption during the 2015 elections, Osinbajo would have the courage, sense and freshness of mind and also see the urgent reason to pursue this proposed litigation to a logical conclusion.

The litigation will do a lot of us, including Vanguard much good. It might yet help to sanitize both the main press and cyber press, which these days deploy fakery with reckless abandon.

In case you don’t know, let me tell you that very early in his first tenure, National Compass, with glee and aplomb, had published a fallacious story with screaming headline that Fayemi was deducting billions every month from LGA accounts in Ekiti State.

Of course without wasting time, Fayemi, through his lawyers, served notice to sue if a retraction together with an apology was not published. That newspaper, due to ego and Dutch courage, refused to tow the path of honour. The matter went on trial and huge punitive damages were awarded by the court in favour of Fayemi.

For a newspaper in the throes of death already (I think it was managing to sell only about 4,000 or less copies according to the records of ABC then), it could not pay the damages; hence, it had to fold up, with its properties sold to pay the damages awarded against it. (You can Google the matter of Fayemi vs National Compass).

The rest is history. Fayemi got the justice he deserved. Sadly, that newspaper had gambled on a lie and it paid dearly for its recklessness.

It is time to teach these herdsmedia guys a lesson they won’t forget. For too long, they’ve been getting away with blue murder. Journalists these days would sit at isi-ewu joints to write trash and publish satanic lies in Zebrudaya alias 4:30’s grammar.

One journalist, who was later sacked by his employer, Tribune newspaper after public outrage, went to the sickening level of contriving and fabricating an interview with Prof Itse Sagay. The distinguished professor of law almost died of unbelief and shock.

Osibajo must sue so that Vanguard newspaper and that garrulous Timi Frank can be retired and save from their own misery permanently.

As for Pa Sam Amuka expressing his displeasure in private over the latest gaffe made by his company, I have no words for him but I must say I do not trust him as everything about Vanguard these days point to his complicity.

Osinbajo, biko teach them a lesson. Let Falana earn another legal feather to his well decorated cap.
Nonsense and ingredient.

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