Way To Go But Not You Arsenal

Its already eight matches into the season and all we football lovers can’t stop reveling in the fixtures as they are coming fast and thick bar the international break. This past weekend fixtures in the Barclays premier league (BPL) has continued to separate the boys from the men. Just as they say ‘there are no room for pretenders’.

When I say pretender I remember Swansea at the top of the table when it all started and I recall some of their players saying how delighted they will be if they reach the summit, well few weeks from then Swansea are presently tenth on the table.  Well I call them pretenders and if you disagree, then you can place your bet. Sorry Swansea. Enough of the pretenders talk ok lets get to the big boys and I start by saying ‘WHAT IS THE MATA WITH CHELSEA???’ the boys in blue are glowing ever and its worth mentioning that this is their best start ever since 2006 in the days of mourinho. Talk about that boy mata, he is currently on six goals and five assists in five matches and he doesn’t look like slowing down together with Oscar and hazard we call them ‘THE MAZACAR’. Last season Chelsea struggled when they played the top teams and the effect of that is reflected in their position in the BPL last season. But there has been a huge turnaround this season, need I tell you that they have defeated both Arsenal and tottenham in their own home? Not only that but have won those matches looking slicky, attractive and very attacking? I tell you, those are 6 vital away points they have got and they are looking good for their money to lift the trophy but someone will tell me its still early season calm down. Next are the boys from the theatre of dreams, and did I hear someone say rooney and RVP can play together? They both showed some understanding on the pitch against stoke on saturday and were always looking dangerous. A little understanding between those two and they will cause team havoc. They are not looking as slicky as this new Chelsea team or hey they remind me of the old Chelsea with Drogba, anelka and malouda/kalou leading the line. What I mean is they are looking very very efficient in rooney, RVP and welbeck way to go man united! Next is man city and for me this team seems to riding their luck so far so good, they are not looking like last season and for me the only person in form in City is edin dzeko. Tevez looks like he has caught form when the season started but only him and mancini cant say what went wrong. That being said this team keep getting the 3points needed and that’s what big boys do, they get the job done. Lets wait and see how mancini will pull his boys together. Only God know what going on with balotelli. To wrap it up lets talk about the gunners, I for one thought arsenal are looking good for their money this season until they lost to Norwich this weekend. Whatever happened in that match only wenger can tell but you don’t loose matches like that when you have teams like Chelsea, man utd and city to contest with. Well its still very early in the season maybe the gunners can still prove me right to be real contenders this season but for now, not way to go arsenal!

Written By Kola Oye